Mumias Town.

Waparuya. Nabongo Mumia’s kingdom. A town located in Kakamega county. Lots of hawking. Shows signs of potential. It could be richer if the local leadership had harnessed and utilised all the money from cane processing wisely. Youth ni wengi sana huku, juu waparuya wanapenda kudinyana.

Governor wa huku ni Wycliffe Oparanya AKA @Abba .

Wycliffe Oparanya

inhabited by people who still claim royalty …forgetting royalty doesnt feed anyone in 2021

Bado wameshikilia hizo “mira na testuri” ?

lazy guys

Mi natambua Shibale, kuna warembo wazuri, lakini shida za Mumias sugar, zimefanya maendeleo kudidimia.

@Abba ni descendant wa Nabongo Mumia… wacha amalize busaa akuje.

Waluhya don’t progress and if they do ni very slow, show me gorofa za waluhya in Western kenya town, all most all ni za Wahindi na Okuyu.


True, very few luhyias own gorofa’s…but then again equating gorofa to economic development is very lazy economics…you could have framed your question better

I was talking about infrastructure development anyway you got my point.

You are good in making mountains of ugali but not storey buildings.

We have land, we don’t need gorofas…shifo if you had 5 acres to put up your residence would you put up a bungalow or a gorofa house?

We need storeys in urban areas

Proff,you are wasting your time arguing with demented mungichs.