Mumias Sugar

The hyena is now tasked with safeguarding the interests of the goats .

Ponangipalli Venkata Ramana Rao, a devotee of Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Temple, Nairobi, will surely hand over mumias to his Indian brothers in a few months.

Let them have it. Waafrica walishindwa hapa.

Wangeacha kakamega county ichukue ii kitu otherwise ii nisame case n panpaper

Why can’t all the players and stakeholders involved just let the damned thing die.
Let’s just face and accept reality, Mumias Sugar will never go back to where it was before with it’s old machinery and using almost obsolete technology.

if sugarcane planters planted other meaningful crops their fortunes would improve. maji yashamwagika hayazoleki.

Iuzwe tu vile Pan Paper iliuzwa kama scrab metal, KCB can not recover their money, and they are not the only ones on that list. Hata mimi MSC owe me close to 300k.

Not to mention its colossal debt running into Billions of shillings.

Iachwe ikufe. Enough is enough. The next one on the list should be KQ.

Which meaningful crops? Importer cartels are murdering local cash crop produce. Look at Galana-Kulalu

Labda waingie the drug plantation game(weed or opium or coca). Lots of money to be made and never-ending supply. Just need to get the right people on board.