Mumias Sugar Co. going down after massive bail out

Point on,we castigate small thieves to a point of burning them alive. mwizi wa kuku huwa anachomwa videadly lakini the big honchos,ethnic groups come for their defense, Unakumbuka Waiguru saga, Wetangula, Raila na mahindi. These people really take us for a ride. They screw us mpaka kwa mkia. Tribalism is our greatest undoing.mtu angekuwa anabeba mzigo wake kama mwizi wa kuku wa village.Hizi cases za village, judge huwa hasemi there is no enough evidence lakini cases kubwa majudge kwanza hukula vibaya Sana, cases alafu zinapotea.

Kairways, uchumi, mumias, national bank… These are institutions government officials use to launder money. Whenever they need to channel money from the treasury legally, they just pass a bail out. The money gets channeled back to their accounts after the ceo received the funds. This has been going on since the 80s. The government will never sell its stake.

Isn’t that the idea? The ultimate goal?

There’s nothing left to sell. This is a shell of the company it once was. And it is heavily debt ridden. Sugar is being cheaply imported from Brazil. Way cheaper than what mumias offers.

About the last two weeks, they have been advertising of the leasing of their water company. Sijui kama imepata mteja. Just a matter of time it Malaysia the Webuye way.