Mumias Sugar Co. going down after massive bail out

What happened to # Mumias sugar Co. They were bailed the other day by @UKenyatta. Someone should be put to task. # BailingCorruption

I said here before, no amount of money will salvage Mumias Sugar.
The issues are much deeper than just Financial.

Sikio lisiloskia dawa,part of many sentences describing Kideros ex girlfriend

Why now? The poor sugarcane farmer,the energetic youth are being wasted.Kenyans need sugar @affordable price…it’s not acceptable, it’s demonic !

Finally Kenya Airways and Uchumi going the same way.Who will come to salvage the government parastatals, or will be pumping alot of money for few individuals to benefit. Are we going to be sacking CEO’s every year? @spear please guide us…

Sell Mumias to the Kenyattas and see it prosper.

I think that is the way to go, govt parastatals that are not performing should be privatised. some time ago i watched a debate of senior mumias managers. It was a pity they were arguing that for mumias sugar to be competitive in the market, the govt should do away the profit making motive :cool: so that can eat properly without fear.


Soon we shall break the ground running to go and convince the voters, the same debacle that happened some few months ago of insults and whether or not to import the Ugandan sugar is bound to happen again from both political divide.

Exactly. KWAL was last year sold to Distell otherwise by now the company ingekuwa kama akina Uchumi, KQ and Mumias. But for your correction those companies (Uchumi, KQ and Mumias) are not parastatals but only that the government has a significant stake like it has in Safaricom.


Cartels smiling. let’s hope President Kinyara is going to break these cartels, wanaumiza economy yet Sana. you remember the other thread about cartels in the energy sector, power generators. let’s give him time.

Its not surprising some of these organizations are failing since the recruitment criteria in some of these organizations are tribalism,nepotism,political affiliation and corruption. I wonder if any of those CEOs were asked during an interview if there was an interview how they are going to improve these failing companies.

as long as nobody is put in jail, it continues.
are kenyans too tribalistic to be serious with their country?

nobody significant has been jailed in all these corruption scandals
and the opposition itself is involved and too selfish to confront the govt on this issue.

instead of destructive selfish anti iebc protests they should have done anti corruption protests which could have gained them much more support than they have now lost.

useless govt,useless opposition , kenya deserves a new set of leaders by 2022 if we are to be a progressive nation.

Western farmers should consider other cash crops. Mumias nayo iwe privatised.

Mumias Sugar was once doing extremely well, paying out over 250 million bob to farmers EVERY WEEK; was even producing it’s own electricity, selling 10MW to the national grid. There were no Kenyattas involved in it then.
It was taken down, not by mismanagement but worse - outright plunder.

It was privatized AGES AGO.

Lakini the gava still has a stake in it ama?

Gava always maintains a stake, can never pull out completely - check KCB, KQ, SafCON…

Kenya is a pirate republic with the motto: Take what you can, give nothing back!