Mumeona hii?

Single and jealous COO. Must be a woman, an old and tired one

BTW most married women don’t receive any gifts from their husbands on Valentine’s so it could equally be a married person. It’s painful when people know that you are married and there are no gifts for you.

Don’t blame single older women. Actually single women have more fun than anyone during Valentine’s. There’s several galantine dinners - Valentine’s for girls only. At work most people who get something share with single women especially those who are not dating or in serious relationship. In our office married men and women buy chocolate love hearts and distribute. It’s actually a very nice day for single women bcz hakuna pressure and no disappointments but you can enjoy from a spectator point of view plus enjoy the goodies being distributed with nothing expected in return.

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Actually , there is intense pressure on the un-attached …

In order to distract our younger associates and colleagues from depression and distractions , Management here has organized at the Cafeteria :-

  • Tea and Presentations of small tokens @10:00
  • Buffet Snacks between 13:00 - 16:00 in the appropriately decorated setting.
    ( … No Alcohol will be permitted in keeping with our Mission …)

Kindly drop in and mingle with Nairobi’s Medical finest …
( … I will be the medium built handsome one in working gray scrubs and a stethoscope … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :bouquet:)

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wewe ni kumanina pia. una nyonya menses za huyu post wall chieth truman. why do you reply to her threads so pasionately?

And did they turn up …
Even the ones who were Off Duty …!!:rofl::joy::rofl::fire::tada::sparkles:


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