Mumeona hii ?


Hehehe yaani Raila alimangwa na waparuyia. Mashemechi.

Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako.

Naye Daniel Moi amemangwa na katoto kake Ruto. He thought okuyus and njaruos would finish him completely lakini kumbe kimkulacho kilikuwa nguoni mwake.

Daniel Moi thought Matiba or Koigi were the problem lakini kumbe the problem was in his own statehouse… the irony. :D:D:D:D




[ATTACH=full]476687[/ATTACH] President William Ruto during the viewing of the body of the late Mzee Daniel Moi

[SIZE=7]Ruto Gov’t Withdraws Daniel Moi’s Staff, Cars and Security from Kabarak Home[/SIZE]

Friday, October 14, 2022 at 12:44 PM by Dennis Lubanga

The move to withdraw the team and official vehicles came after the expiry of a two-year grace period granted by Uhuru Kenyatta Sources indicated that besides the security team, gardeners, chefs, waiters, waitresses and cleaners had also been recalled understands that Kabarak is considered a national monument as it houses Daniel Moi’s tomb, a national heritage

President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza government has now withdrawn members of staff, vehicles and security personnel attached to former President Daniel Moi (deceased) from his Kabarak home in Nakuru county.

William Ruto attended Daniel Moi’s funeral in Kabarak, Nakuru county. Photo: State House, Kenya. Source: Twitter Read more:

Intimidation and instilling fear ‘do not burn this country’ upuuzi sana

Sijui kama ni mimi lakini I want vayolence, peace is not good, we better balance.

you guys need to heal

Exactly macendejiggly, i want u to tell jsks afinye nyang’ao sawa sawa zimee akili after 20 years of gnashing teeth