Mum and Dad

Hello…Our mum’s name is Cathy…dad’s name is Allan…and this their home…(where they live with their real kids…the rest of us get to see them on sundays or the girls meet mom at “zion” meetings)

I hate people who refer to pastors as dad’s and mums. Lakini si hata Catholics huita mchungaji Father? Religion is a drug worse than cocaine.

While they’re living large, church members are tightening belt.

haha hawa ni conmen hiding in church that house is worth over 120M

Opium of the masses?

i hate men who address them as such.
Seems to me like over glorified titles which may breed pride

What about fools like @spear who refer to Ruto as Uncle? Politics and religion are very bad drugs.

The worst thing to have happened to Africa in the last 150 years was the introduction of Christianity. Sadly, I think its gonna take another 200 years before we know we were lied to…

Very bad

Jesus will have returned by then.

Wacha bangi. Which Jesus? Ama you mean global warming would have done us all in by then?

Peasant anawapelekea his/ her hard earned cash religiously kila jumapili then anapiga mguu back home and probably even will never be invited hata ka chai kwa hio hao.

Jesus is coming back in less than 100 years. The signs of the end times are already evident.

Wooow this is so wrong.

there was a plan to by “dad” a private jet via donations some years back how did that go?

Mapastor wamenona you wonder wether they do fast like Jesus did

nothing criminal though…its a battle for whoever wins the larger number of fools…nganga,kanyari,wanjiru…nairobi mafala wanaingia pale countrybus na tearoom daily…wacha waliwe

Napita tu[ATTACH=full]257170[/ATTACH]

I once tried to tell some mofos Christianity is all but a hogwash brought to Africa to clog our minds… Karibu niitwe dymono

I’m trying to track with your logic here…so the introduction of christianity slowed our development/ progress??? As in we would have been 1st world were it not for them? Mnanishangazanga sana

Sir, I am not responsible for your low IQ. If you can’t comprehend simple things move on to basics, like pictures of nude women.