Multiply ye and fill the earth

Arabs literally heeding the call.

A dick at hand is worth ten in a boxer…

Hii ni Somali. Hawa in the next three generations demographics wise they’ll be a major ‘Tribe’ in this here 254

Arabs, eh…:D:D

They will be ten million in the next census

35 with 15 kids?! Her pussy lips must clap when she walks.

@ChifuMbitika Najua a Somali gyal, yeye anataka 10 kids banae

Apeleke wapi? Is she mad?

She just wants a full house probably, But she’s a gold digger

She has none. They were cut out before puberty.

io ndio raha ya mwanamke msomali.


Madness. I saw one young girl on a dating programme on one of the local TV stations. When asked what she wanted in the relationship, she said that she only wanted to get married and give birth to at least 7 kids.

sio kupenda kwao. they lack education and exposure. ile kitu kubwa kwao wanajua ni kuzalia bwana watoto na kunyonyesha.

Shitty terrorist mentality.

Do They ever think how They will feed, educate and care for these kids?

I don’t think this matters to them at all. I believe Somalis should lead their nomadic lives huko wakiuana. I really feel sorry for their young kids…the ones in my area. Wamepelekwa to the worst schools in the area, because to walalo a school is a school and if other Somali kids are in attendance then it is all good. The women stand outside the gates gossiping not knowing that the teacher is imparting zero knowledge to their kids. Kazi ya wamama ni kuzaa na kuclaim welfare. Things were v rosy before the Conservatives took over and capped the housing.

However, most of the hubbies go out and hustle v hard. They used to own cybercafes and forex bureaus where folk could go and send money. Things have changed so much…with internet providers bringing wifi to our doorsteps and we have many other ways of transferring money online.
They are still hanging on to Uber services but that is just about all. Since miraa which had made them so rich is no more. They have also invested heavily in NBO under Jubilee…mmmmh