Multi-party icon dies


Rest in Peace …



Before the advent of social media. These veteran politicians waliembezzle public funds bila huruma. Any journalist who tried to expose them alikua anajipata nyayo house base prison ufinywe genitals ujue nani ndio serikali. Best example ni matiba because alichallenge Moi to the point he was about to loose the elections ilibidii apelekwe nyayo house base apewe torture atulize nyege ya kutoa serikali ya KANU :D:D:D:D

This guy fought alongside Marina for the repealing of section 2A. He is a second liberation hero.


Hats off. Lakini Ile umbwa Mzee imekataa kukufa if I was a nurse in Nairobi Hospital anaweka chlorine Kwa hiyo life support akufe.

Amekufa hohehahe ama aliiba?

RIP inspired one suit of mine

HE WAS 96. Although he was a crook, big shot to him for helping him turn the country from the vestiges of dictators. Rubia, Matiba…Now those are warriors.

RIP, he is a hero of the second liberation, and for the benefit of those who just discarded their diapers, it means those who fought for multipartyism along side matiba, snr Odinga and bahmahliz

Safari ni moja

Moi is the best president we (the non-kikuyus) ever had. He empowered us in whatever little ways he could. May he have a long and healthy life.