Multi-Millionaire businessman GINIMBI's source of wealth REVEALED

GINIMBI was a socialite based in Zimbabwe who lived a flamboyant lifestyle: top of the range cars, palatial residence, extravagant outfits et cetera. He lost his life last week when he was involved in a grisly accident (Together with two ladies & a gentleman) as he was heading to his mansion in the wee hours of the morning. There have been numerous speculations regarding his source of wealth: some claimed he was a drug dealer, some said illuminati, others said wash wash, but the beans have finally been spilled. In the exclusive interview linked below, GINIMBIs manager reveals the businessman’s hustles.

One of his last posts on Instagram, for reference:


Na wewe Multi-Shillionaire, what will be revealed about your source of wealth?

6x8x3 pit fits all

Vanity of vanities.

When I look at his photos I’m reminded that the happiest people are those who die in the Lord for they have an assurance of The Great Resurrection.

Yeye , Steve mbogo na Kevin Obia wako mbogi moja

I agree, although I see no malice in his photos. The man lived lavish, surely there’s no harm in doing so.

May his soul and those that passed away with him rest in peace. The other three burned to death in his Rolls Royce after it burst into flames with them trapped inside. Vile @Purple amesema, yote ni vanity, but he ate life with a big spoon.

The guy stepped on the wrong toes both in zim and Malalawi harbouring a known fugitive.

Never heard of him.
Hanawai luwere to him.

Judging by your handle you’re a fan of Big Herc.

Poor guy. He was probably broke as fuck with madeni juu ya madeni

Your statement is very vague. So that’s what caused his demise? Or what’s your point exactly?

Big Herc is cool. Drake’s ‘Nonstop’ is cool as well.

Yaani umesoma title pekee ukaelewa story yote??? smh

He was murdered. His burnt vehicle had bullet holes on the driver’s side

Niaje manager anakaa msoto

I doubt. They had just left the club a few minutes prior to the accident so I suppose he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Bare in mind this occurred early in the morning, around 5 AM. The bullet hole theory was debunked: The Rolls Royce wraith doors are hinged at the rear unlike most standard vehicles. The alleged bullet holes were simply fixation holes for the door handles. Additionally, the autopsy reports indicate that he succumbed due to internal bleeding, not bullet wounds.

Someone took this video as they were leaving the club right before the accident


I highly doubt that is the manager. She do not look anything like it.

Looks can be deceiving. She’s very eloquent though.