Mulamwah adresses the nation

Guys can we support this young man to achieve his dreams? Let all Kenyans of goodwill support him to not give up on his dreams because of bitter trolls. Like wenye hushinda wakinifuata all over ktalk. Tumsupport arudi comedy. We need people to make us laugh during such times.

Mulamwah hana jokes…if you find him funny then you life must very boring.He must grow thick skin and upgrade his jokes or shut up/leave the stage

Lunjes wote, na wale honorary lunjes like me who love tea, 411 and musaveve, please let’s follow this our brother on you tube and the rest of online platforms. I didn’t know him but I will subscribe to his channel and be watching his videos kumpea support. It’s something very small on our part but it will mean alot to him. Tuaibishe hizi Roho chafu on Twitter and the rest who drove him to give up his passion.


Hapa itabidi mutafute @uwesmake at least aenue boy wao

Pia wameru tusupport huyu jamaa. Lunjes love food like us. Tuinue huyu jamaa Jameni.

Lunjes don’t support one another. With their numbers if they were united MaDVD would have already been president.

The best way to support him is to follow his youtube channel and watch his content. They get paid by how many people view their posts. But he needs to grow a thick skin. Don’t late haters derail him. He body shamed Kamene Goro but she didn’t leave the radio industry. As a celeb, bullying comes with the trade

May be this was just a PR stunt. If IT was its working. I never knew this guy but after i saw his name floating around i did some clicks