Mukuria Ngamau jailed for 20 years

Corruption is for big fish, don’t try it if you are an omena.

Huyu mumeru ameangusha wameru. Yeye na Linturi wako same whatsapp grp.

He’s Kakuyu my fren, Merus are smarter than this.

The judge who did this… Hope he also won’t die like all the major players in this case including the IT consultant who supposedly did the ERP system

Afungwe. Probably didn’t have enough money left to pay the judge.

This judge is the real deal look at his previous rulings. He’s called Ogoti

Hi Truman. Kiss kiss. Ngamau is a Meru name. Love u all the same

These mofos really threw the book at him. Kwani hakua na political protection.

Ngamau vs Kamau. Ata mimi najua he’s either Meru or Kamba.

He’s Kakuyu. You dunno anything about Mt. Kenya names.

Do you know Meru names more than a Meru? He’s Kakuyu. Please don’t spoil the good name of Merus with your kikuyu stealing stupidly activities. This is the stupidest thief I have ever seen.Couldn’t he have gotten students to design a basic ERP for him and pay them even a meter. Please usituingize in this your kikuyu madness. On top of that he killed 5 good people so he could enjoy his loot alone. Which Meru does that? This smirks of Kikuyu unbridled greed.

Sunrise: 03 January 1945 – Sunset: 12 April 2020
It is in acceptance of God’s Will that we announce the passing of Tabitha Wanjiku Ngamau which happened on Easter Sunday, 12.04.2020. She passed on peacefully at home surrounded by her family. In her working years, Wanjiku, as she was popularly known, worked for National Council of Churches of Kenya. She was also a renowned organic farmer and had a passion for animals.
Wanjiku is the daughter of the late Philip Mirie and the late Milkah Ng’endo. She is the sister to the late Grace Wanjiru, Monica Wangari, Samwel Ndung’u, the late Musa Waweru, Prisciah Njoki Nyambura, Naomi Njeri and Leah Waithera. She was daughter-in-law to the late Chrispas Mukuria and Shipirah Shaki Nyaguthii. She was widow to the late Ephraim Ngamau Mukuria, mother to Renee Ngamau and Mukuria Ngamau; grandmother to Anatoly Ngamau Mukuria, Regina Wanjiku Mirye, Ngucuga Gathungu and Kenia Wanjeri Gathungu. She was Aunty to many and Friend to all… Wanjiku passed on due to cancer.

The name sounds like a stuck Qamau:D

Hiyo syndicate yote ya youth fund imeshikwa coz there was no Kikuyu involved.
Ngamau ni Mmeru karing’aa,we can say he is the smartest coz he is still alive

He’s unlucky coz he’s the only one who is still alive.

Truman is correct, there are kakuyus who are called Ngamau too. I grew up with one such neighbor and he was pure Kuyu.

Haaaaa :smiley:
The wife threw him under the bus proper.
No loyalty amongst thieves.

She had 1 share out of 8k shares. Whose gonna raise the kids if they both went to jail? He probably was planning on a new wife once his investments matured.