Muigai is expected to sign the Kenya Prisons Enterprise Corporation Order of 2018.
this will see prisoners used to build cities like northlands, tatu etc
was it about 2 months ago when the DCI said he will put higjschool students to prisons?!?
this is how your sons and daughters will be enslaved to offer free labor to the big 4 agenda especially housing…
this model is used in US where blacks are imprisoned for petty crimes and their free hard labor used to do govt projects…
so how many young, healthy men, especially highschoolers, college and campus students shall we imprison going forward.
stay woke!

What pains me is that nigga has never uttered the word Konza ! the drunk just pushing investors to northlands

makanga watakipata. hii unemployement munalia kila siku itakuwa solved.

konza isnt in the interest of the Muigai family? atleast kibaki knew how to spread wealth. Ruto ankula yake, Gathecha ana kashirika.

[SIZE=5]Uhuru signs order to establish Kenya Prisons Enterprise Corporation[/SIZE]

President Kenyatta Tuesday signed the Kenya Prisons Enterprise Corporation Order of 2018.

This will establish the Kenya Prisons Enterprise Corporation, a State Corporation, which is mandated to expand the scope of the prisons work programs with the aim of unlocking the revenue potential of the prisons industry and ultimately turn it into a reformative and financially self-sustaining entity.

“The new corporation will also contribute to the realization of President Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda, particularly food security, affordable housing, and manufacturing,” a statement from State House said.

The corporation will be mandated to organize and manage the assets of the Prisons Department, including 86 prison farms with a total of over 18,225.9 acres of land.

The production and sale processes under the current Prisons Department’s enterprise directorate are managed by the Kenya Prison Farms Fund and the Kenya Prison Enterprise Fund.

According to State House, the two Funds will be merged to ensure the new Corporation operates under a typical business model purposely to spur economic growth in the Prisons Department.

“The enactment of this Order will be followed by the appointment of the Corporation Board of Management and the recruitment of the Chief Executive Officer and the Secretariat.”

The corporation is expected to eliminate bureaucracy and establish a culture of professional training and certification for the staff and inmates and foster ease of entry into partnership with the private sector on different spheres.

“It will also act as a vehicle for strategic investment by government and ensure prisoners are rewarded through better pay for their labour.”

The Corporation, which will operate as a State Corporation under the State Corporation Act Cap 446 Laws of Kenya, will be wholly owned by the Government and mainstreamed by the Prison Act Cap 90, Borstal Institution Act Cap 92 and Persons Deprived of Liberty Act of 2014.

The corporation will organize and manage the assets of the current 92 prison industries with staff capacity of 700 technical staff and over 7,000 prisoners’ workforce.

It will also manage the assets of 86 prison farms with 18,225 acres of land, staff capacity of 480 and daily average workforce of 10,000 prisoners.

Officials say sustainable management of public institutions is key to national development as a way of reducing dependence on the exchequer and releasing the available scarce resources to other critical areas of development.

The corporation will also be mandated to develop and maintain meaningful work programme to create employment opportunities to fully employ the country’s prisoners population approximated at 35,000.

Government’s projection shows the corporation will be able to be a Sh15 billion worth of entity in the next three years.

The department is also constructing seven new courts in various prison precincts in efforts to enhance service delivery.

The first facility was commissioned at the Kamiti Maximum security two weeks ago.

Currently, only Shimo La Tewa has such a court within the prison precincts.

Kenya has 12 Maximum Security prisons after the government upgraded seven more prisons into the category.

This was part of efforts to stop radicalization in prisons. The move was part of efforts to expend spaces to hold hardcore criminals and segregation terror and piracy offenders.
Nairobi and Kisumu have three maximum-security jails, while Naivasha and Mombasa two each and Nyeri one.
The facilities include Nairobi’s Kamiti, Shimo La Tewa in Mombasa, Manyani in Taita Taveta, Naivasha in Nakuru and Kodiaga in Kisumu.
Kamiti, Naivasha and Shimo La Tewa’s have been having Main Prisons alongside the Maximum Security jail.

The three main were upgraded, meaning there are six maximum jails between Shimo, Kamiti and Naivasha.
In Kisumu, Kibos and Kisumu main prisons were upgraded to maximum security as it was Nyeri main prison.
Industrial Area Remand and allocation Prison in Nairobi too was elevated into a maximum-security facility, according to the gazette notice dated March 17, 2017. This converted the facilities into a fully-fledged prison from the current status where it only holds remand prisoners or those who are yet to be allocated location.

Prison’s are operated /managed by our taxes i dont see why they should not earn thier keep like the rest of us…

Another billion-shilling scandal in the making…punda amechoka! :frowning:

If property implemented this is going to be a good thing for our country

Based on your recent comments on political matters I see your opinions on this leadership are getting less radical by the by. Hapa naona ukipea ulliam kumi fresh

Well said

Hehe :D. Slowly accepting DP uncle Uliam’s inevitability in 2022.

You are such an optimist…

Punda hatachoka this time atakufa tu

I think it can totally work. most public universities are in debt right now, and laying off staff.Yet most of them have large parcels of land they can use to be innovative. like strathmore with their solar panels, or UON with their Unes, even baraton with their food production. Imagin Moi university with their vast land could feed the whole town while employing students to raise fee.