Muigai wa Njoroge latest release, campaigning for UDA candidate

This song is full of it.

Just another Tano Tena which is bound to end in massive tears down the road… :D:D:D

Reason why I say Kikuyus has no brains. To him Ruto is the answer to all problems as if he has the best track record.

Kiambaa church incident has been momentarily forgotten.

All gikuyu musicians are eating really well courtesy of Jubilee and UDA. On Sunday, jubilee had hired more than 10 famous ones for campaign. Huyu na yeye ako radar ya chief thief. Sio mambo na who’s better but rather who’s feeding your stomach

If kikuyus have no brains, what does it say about the rest of the country for having been ruled by brainless people for almost 33 years?:rolleyes::rolleyes: