Muhammdu Buhari

Listen to this, Muhammdu Buhari is in Ssatafrika on an official visit and met Ramap(h)osa, Nigerians in Sstafrika are protesting claiming the real Buhari died in 2017 and the guy in Ssatafrika is his look alike with a little bit of make up.

In the tweet(attached) a guy has attached two photos of Buhari signing a document, one with the right hand the other with the left hand.

Shida zetu Africa si za kuisha leo.

Check out @QaanitahHunter’s Tweet: [MEDIA=twitter]1179713951866728448[/MEDIA]

Being African and stupid is a disability

Vile tu huwa nasema “shida za waafrika”

This is a story which was “hot” in 2018…

But honestly speaking I also tried to check check the story na it borders absurd or confusing…

Especially kuna some pictures of Maskio, those were so telling…

Hapo kuna kitu.

Let me find the pictures I post them here

Are they the same person???

I have heard of these rumors but I wonder why his wife hasn’t said anything. His wife cannot be fooled to not know the husband

Huenda ananukisha kitunguu.

Nikama MTU akuambie yeye in @uwesmake, but hana quadrijoint trademark.

All the other rumours are hot air… Hio ya signing document is a mirrored picture…

But hii ya maskio kama ni same person they say then hapana.

@Yunomi about the wife btw that’s another side to look at it. Mbona aongei? Wife yake ako alive? Coz all this rumours started after he was in London for 4 months in hospital. Anyway Nigeria is on another level.

Saw juzi some crooks had created a FAKE EMBASSY… Hehehehe

Not Same Person.

Fake embassy tena?


Tuma till number Omwami.

I see it! :oops::oops:

Maybe he uses one hand to write in Arabic and the other to write in English - seeing as one is RTL and the other LTR… Also, some people are ambidextrous!!

Same person different postures

wewe ni mjinga tu ka Purple

This is not the same picture bro…
The one he is signing with left hand is a mirrored picture… This is not true.
The correct picture below… Just check where the watch is… Proves it is a mirrored picture. [ATTACH=full]263890[/ATTACH]

Wewe ni wazimu kama u see them as 1 person.