Muhamadu Buhari Death Hoax

Kamespread mbaya. Ni kama de-tractors wanatamani sana.
Yar Adua, the previous Muslim president died in office
Now Buhari is all sickly. In and out of hospital for checkups.
I hope this guy Buhari gets well. Tabloids will kill and resurrect you hundreds of times. Remember Mandela, venye Media guys had already camped in and around South Africa when he was very sick. They were hawking around, waiting to be the first to break the bad news. Ghasia tu.

Tofauti yako na tabliods unasema ni gani? Juu siioni wacha tu vile umejaribu kujiweka mbali nao.


The news must be broken one day anyway. No biggie.

Huyu ‘major western news outlets’ walishaandika obituary yake kitambo sana. Wanangoja tu confirmeshen ya kifo ndio wafinye “publish” button.


small gonad issues

The title of my post speaks for itself.

What does he expect when he goes to london for treatment that lasts weeks on end

No offence to Guka lakini at 65-70 years Mzee should only be enjoying his retirement. Leading a country with it’s constant stress, long working hours and making impossible decisions at a go all the time is too much for that age when your body functions start to fail.

Mugabe is 93, I wonder what Zimbabwe will do when he finally passes on. Shida ya African countries, they do not prepare well for transitions.