Muguuka: jambasi overrules ghaseer wimp gavanas

President William Ruto has said the ban imposed on muguka in Kilifi and Mombasa counties is null and void.

The President said muguka is a scheduled crop in accordance with the Crops Act 2013 and the Miraa Regulations 2023.

The Miraa Regulations Act were passed by the National Assembly and the Council of Governors in concurrence of the council of governors…

Story za Jaba zipande…


The ban was funded by Mombasa drug barons.Muguka imeharibu biz.


Hoho is making serious losses

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Jaba is king. It was hilarious watching some jaba businessman say “sijawai ona mtu amekula miraa ama muguka amelala kwa mtaro”
Conversation finisher.


I was wondering why they would ban it in the coast yet the coast is where all the dangerous drugs flow.


But those leaders were high on something. why all of a sudden bans

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Don’t underestimate the herb and worship whiteman’s disco dusts.


Hehe, hii stori yote ni ya jaba, literally.
Of course he’s on the side of the law in quashing the governors’ decision, but it’s for political advantage, that’s why he waded into it. There are a million other violations he isn’t saying anything about, like the fertilizer puzzle. Let’s remember also that muguka IS a drug, it’s not harmless, it does mess you up, but the laws are there not to protect ghaseer users, but to promote businesses, which benefit the government. Same as alcohol and cigarettes. As a human being you must understand you are the custodian of your life and health, the only one who really cares for your own interests.


They should ban unga and heroin, the drugs sold by kina chokora sonkore joho and the governor together with the whore who voted for the ban

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They should ban that shit,imeharibu watu wengi.
At addiction stage one cannot hold hata joti.
Unatembea ukijimwagilia with a flaccid penis.

No homo.

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Like you have never seen alcohol addicts with other worse afflictions? In this life it is all about your own self discipline and taking your destiny into your hands. No one is supposed to think for anyone.

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A very harmless natural vegetable.
Embus wamezitafuna tangu jadi na sijashuhudia madhara yake.

Wangeelekeza hii bidii na umoja kupinga unga.