Mugunda ni Title


Apartments wachia wajuaji middle-class waendelee kukamuliwa hadi settings. The rich in Runda, Karen etc build apartments and milk billions from gullible middle class who want to own property at any cost. Juzi tu ingine ilidevelop cracks after wameuziwa bei ghali sana. Property bila title deed of the land sio yako na tusibishane.

Like how the hell does someone buy an apartment?

Wananunua wanapewa sijui “sectional lease” or something by that name. Mimi siwes trust property kama sio mimi mwenye mchanga. The good old-fashioned title deed. Hizi funny documents huwa wanapewa ndio wanakamuliwa nazo halafu wanapata the building only had cosmetic finishes inaanza cracks after 5 years.

Even with a title, it doesn’t mean you own the soil. Only as good as the lease. Ask the Asians in Parklands who have lived on the land for 40 plus years only to be evicted once the lease is up.

Our culture of affluence is misguided, these high end apartments exist because there is demand. So our middle class will do anything to live in Kilimani, so we have an increase in graft as people try to adjust to this new lifestyle.

Mkenya once pesa imeingia lazima a reside in certain area codes.

In kenya, you have to contract kgb, fbi, and cia to clear apartment developers before you buy one from them. In a place like the US some people would be facing life in prison right now.

Sunset boulevard huwa tu na drama.

There’s a tussle between the board members and the developer.Kwanza its in a fuckin swamp- most people who bought houses there did it wakiwa diaspora that’s why you even have cases of some who have not transferred their titles since they are not around.

They have not received titles not because they are abroad but because the titles have not been issued by the developer.
The development belongs to the bank which still holds the title until the loan is cleared by the developer.

Now since the developer has defaulted, the buyers are caught up in a nightmare since the bank will auction the property yet they already paid up for the property

Come on! Why would you buy a property and not actively follow up on the title?!! Why! It’s your goddamn right once you have cleared payments.
And I said that place has had enough drama since inception alafu ukae bila title aje ?
There’s more to this story.

They most likely followed up only that you are probably given stories. And even if you were not issued with a title, what do you do and you have already purchased

Ni kama kununua gari that still has an outstanding loan and you don’t tie the loose ends. Aren’t the apartment owners privy to financial records za developer prior to buying?

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Hio obsession ya Kenyas na land OWNING itatumaliza

watu hukaa na share certificate comforbably bila kusumbua
nilijua tu ntakupata story ya weight loss, syokimau diaspora 20 km from cbd, mlolongo ama athiriver

Mawakili na madactari hawakosi kazi Kenya kwa mda mrefu sana ujao. No wonder brain drain is no longer a topic anymore. The soil has become sooo fertile they are thriving kabisa!

Unless it is freehold,which does not exist in our urban areas, owning the soil only for the lease to expire within your lifetime is not worth the money.
At least mine expires na huko 2107.

I have plenty.
A sectional title is a title deed and is recognized as such.
I would rather have an apartment in a convenient location than a detatched house 20 km from my places of leisure and work.
Though I have a house in a VERY convenient location

Apana chesa na tiiri … The land you own is your inheritance for the short time you’re on this earth. :slight_smile:

Cartels and sharks can already smell blood. Hizi companies usually take a big loan, buy acres of land, subdivide, and then sell the plots. Developers wa Nairobi do something similar only difference is that they build houses instead of plots, but the title remains with the bank. After they are done selling, they leave the buyers in court with the bank because the property belongs to the bank instead of buyers. Most gullible Nairobians buy property with loans on it and because they are stupid enough to accept the property without ready titles, the directors can ride into the sunset and leave them with nothing. It is not uncommon to hear about property buying schemes where “investors” have never received their titles after many years because the directors of the company fled after getting paid, leaving ownership to the bank and “investors” with nothing.

jifanye mjuaji wa tiiri sana ,kuna mzee najua aliwekwa mapanga na hata saa hii twenty years later hajawahi rudi vile alikuwa mbeleni.word of advice usiwahi nunua land iko na mzozo,tell them wasettle mzozo yao first halafu wakuone