Mugumo tree falls in kiambu

Kuna a very very sinia politician from Centro ataanguka hivyo

Uthamaki have departed from the Mountain. Mwenenyaga is not pleased with our greediness. This is oracle from Mwenenyaga to wanaruona. We should repent from our sins.

Vile @FieldMarshal CouchP atasema

The fall of gaa shaaa gu aa

Its just a tree like any other.

That’s not a mugumo

Konyagi ama? He is the snr from Kiambu

Not to shiny eyes…

Nothing new, a tree falls in the Congo Forest every other hour.

Hehe, the tree is home to ancestral spirits and their god.

The implication is that the god has been rendered homeless. Wueh!!!

It’s kind of a big deal when a mugumo tree falls… I am sure akina Inooro watachangamkia hio story


But hio nikuwa superstitious

jskm luwere

Ama hii ilikuwa ya kibaki imeanguka too late.

Yes… Kikuyus are superstitious chini ya maji. Even educated ones… Kuna vitu wanaogopa sana.

Ndio wamerudisha mbuzi za Ngina.

So mti kuanguka inaashiria bad omen

This tree has very deep historical cultural and religious meaning in Kikuyu culture.
Its location was a meeting place, and a place of worship and an altar for sacrifices. Its lifespan also means that it surpasses many generations and many believe that is why it is revered.