Mugoya construction and other local entities

The Kibaki and uhuru regime have both been very active in bringing down local enterprises by awarding contracts to chinese government state enterprises…

Mugoya na Kirinyaga construction bure kabisa. All they do is create endless diversions for months only to do shoddy work.

Adapt or die. Evolution did not start yesterday.

So we stand to mediocre work all in the name of supporting local companies?

That’s what cronyism gets you. They swindled Kenyans of their taxes sasa their day of reckoning has truly come.


These are masters of shoddy works!

cowboy contractors

Fuck them and their mediocrity, nowadays, when I see a road being constructed by the Chinese, I get a sense of relief with the knowledge that they will do a thorough job.

You sound like the guys who were saying Thika Rd itumie manual labour to dig it up instead of machines to create employment…

Mugoya waende wakikauka chiet!

Ingine ni Hyoung ya Biwott. Bure Kabisa. Took more than a year constructing a foot bridge on Mombasa road. Worse they never painted it

That footbridge cost 300 million. :mad::mad:

kuna contractor flani ilifanya upperhill roads wanafaa watandikwe viboko washike adabu .barabara inakaa takataka yet the contractor took 5 years on less than 5 km na bado wajamaliza .

baaaas. barabara culverts zinakaa vichochoro za zimmerman na bado hajawai maliza.
and messed up the fibre network hadi wa leo inakaa mukuru kwa jenga illegal electricity connections.
who is this stupid contractor?

A certain walalo.

Kenya VISION 2030 and why it will remain a pipe dream.

300milli thats like 5km of road. Usually feel like strangling someone when I see H-Young in charge of a project anywhere in Kenya

It’s tough on us but can you imagine if the Chinese had been given these contracts back in the days ?
Wouldn’t we be far much developed?
I understand there are so many pros and cons but considering how we need the roads, we have no time for cowboy contractors.
Only thing I’d ask you is ,do you use any roads in your daily commute? Can’t you see the difference ?
I know you quoting from a daily so not necessarily your opinion ama?

Do any of the local firms even have the technical capacity and know-how to build under-/over-passes and create solid roads over wetlands?

I dare say no. I hope they’ve learnt a thing or two since the Chinese came around.

HYoung sio ya wa Israeli?