Mugabe's Empty Stadium Eulogy..

Zimbabweans boycott Mugabe funeral




It’s a shame

Always leave while you’re on top before your downfall.





Why. He had all the best for all those years except for a few months.

hailed a hero of independence,died a despot

Goodnight akili-kwa-matako Secretary General.

Shit comparison, tell us about the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin maybe.

Shows how myopic minds we have

When Uhuru’s lackeys sat that he’s too young to retire, they’re laying ground for this kind of farewell.

Bonobo detected. Mwanawasa, Chiluba, Kabila were founding fathers? Nikisema 400 more years mnafikiri ni jokes

It wasn’t that empty. Rest in peace Robert Mugabe.

It wa less than half full


Watch and judge for yourselves.

How do you tell? Did they release the number?

Who cares? Certainly not Mugabe.

George Washington, :slight_smile:

Goes to show where the African’s brain is located. Why one would prioritise tombs is beyond me. Ile pesa inatumiwa in maintaining Jomos mausoleum can go a long way in building classes. No?

it;s a culture thing…