Mudryk ataguza wapi majamaa??


Tunaaminia arteta apange squadi vifiti lakini hiyo bado ni swali kila msee anajiuliza

The plan is to play him on the right wing then move martineli to no 9 in the absence of Jesus.

Martineli never performs as a number 9 so wacha fake news , they will have to fight for the number

Huyu kijanaa siko sure atawezana na majitu ya EPL. Seems a bit lightweight. Anyway tuko nyuma ya Tets. GJ naye apone haraka

They should jus go and get the boy, asikue na stories kama za Wenger who could have signed Zlatan, Ronaldo and Kante. He’s already missed Vlahovic, sai achangamke

Was an opinion tu.since he plays that left wing.martineli as a similar style to Jesus ( not much goals but effective with pressing and giving defenders little time on the ball).that is the short term then after Jesus kurudi kila mtu fights for positions

Sisi miamba wa soca red devil can’t relate. Assnal is a small team with loud foul mouthed fans. Wikendi tunamatch fix kelele ipungue.

Martinelli anaeza kuwa false 9 but all in all, I would luv to see how this one plays out…

Ni kama Chelshit wamehijack transfer. They’re very desperate now. Honestly, I’m glad they have. Izo pesa ni mob sana for a player with no PL experience, not worth it.[MEDIA=twitter]1614315259442905088[/MEDIA]

Heshimu team kubwa. Mudryk has ambition to play in the champions league.

Poleni watu wa Arsenal, Chelsea wamehijack deal.

But will Chelsea play in the champions league next season?

Sare hio story

:D:D:D:D:D what a desperate panic buy from chelshits. Kumbuka aubumayang, felix na red card (on debut) na sterling wako pale bado:D:D:D:D

And the list, goes on, Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Lukaku, huyo kijana atwaokolea kweli?