Mudavadi to go for the top seat in 2022

ANC have announced Musalia Mudavadi as their preferred candidate for 2022…

More to follow.

Napenda sana.

Of course this is expected. He’ll then wait for Babuon to convince him to leave it for him (Babuon)!

One of the most useless politicians this side of the world. Getting a seat is near impossible for him

One thing about Jubilee is discipline… Tangu enzi za PNU, TNA and now Jubilee. They are damn organized. Starting from.the hype of their events.Hata nomination zikiwa na problem inakuwa sorted and losers tow the line. Ile kitu inasumbua Nasa ni kuwa disorganized. Sasa 2022 kutaharibika tena vile Ruto alisema.
And then ask yourself Joho asimame( mombasa tu imemshinda) Ruto naye asimame(tunajua njaro connish za huyu hustler) kalonzo(watermelon) na madvd(western haijawai kuwa united) hii ni selection aina gani? Hatuna leaders kabisa:D:D:D

i read somewhere that news is supposed to either inform, educate or entertain…this does none of that…iko tu flat kama ugali ya juzi…

He shall vie minus votes, we all know how ‘spoilers’ end up,the Namwambas,Jirongos,Bifwolis,Kombos etc that plus being viewed as a coward

Ataanguka chini ajichore kama zile Cartoon za @introvert kwanza akililia kwa choo

2022 #Kenya1 ni Gideon Moi.

Acheni mtu ajichoche na constitutional rights zake.


Naomba sana he runs in 2022. He is guaranteed last. Right now all leaders of Baringo/West Pokot are having a series of peace meetings but he couldn’t be bothered. He was busy visiting Keter in prison. In 2022 he just expects vote will come to him. Hiyo entitlement tumeona kwa wengi na wote wako home retired.

2022 we will be escorting DP Uncle Ruto to the Presidency.


Asimame or asimamishe au asimamishiwe?

The only consistent thing about Luhya politicians is their inconsistencies.

Hawezi make

Mzee, ungepita tu bila kucomment.

Government will always have that advantage
On a serious note how the likes of MaDvd continue to have relevance in Kenya’s politics still beats me

si wewe, ni mwenye aliona hiyo tu ndio news anaweza andika wakenya wasome…

As long as luhyas remain as confused as they are always, there is no threat hapo. A zero sum is all thats needed, Mudumbadi apewe some, Jakuon awe na zake, jirongo zake, DP more than all. mambo kwisa…