Mudavadi speaketh

-Musalia Mudavadi, NASA Principal.
I would rather be a chief minister in a government that is dedicated to lowering the higher unemployment rate in kenya , growing the Kenyan economy, taming inflation, and improving the lives of Kenyans than lead ANC to the polls alone. The lessons of 2013 are very clear to me and all Kenyans. It’s interesting to hear the same people who by their own admission, sneaked into my compound in 2012, hid in a Lorry for eight hours before stealing coalition agreements I had signed with Uhuru Kenyatta, and latter calling me mandimoni, now loudly yap about what they “betrayal by Raila Odinga” saying Mudavadi must be the flag bearer. Why didn’t people like Moses Kuria tell Uhuru in 2012 that they support as flag bearer of the G-7 alliance? Wasn’t it betrayal then? Our commitment to the Kenyan people is solid and our resolve to emancipate our people is stronger than ever before. Our agenda is simple: make kenya work for the million citizens struggling with unemployment, higher food prices, higher inflation, low wages, higher taxes, etc under the Jubilee administration. We will have a presidential candidate in due time, but most importantly, we have a team focused in securing a prosperous future for Kenyans. Any of us is qualified to lead the team; Be it Tinga, or Stevo, or Weta, or Me. Let our supporters not lose focus of removing this incompetent, corrupt, and lying government from the leadership of this nation."


Take a piece of Vietnam for me

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In this era of fake news, the propaganda flying, left, right and center is out of this world.
What did Kalonzo say?


#UOTP. Propagandist should go drying.

What did this mbillionare do when he was the vice president? Why can’t he take jubilee govt head on and prove he is not the demon Uhuru claimed he is.


C for effort…

Hippopotamus looking fellow this one.

Hii push and pull ya NASA ni kama movie