Muchelule Tribunal Report

Anyone with a link to the full tribunal Report?



More like link to summary of the report.

Sasa hizi page zote ni za nini?

Na Tuju, Wako and fellow coup plotters are free despite facts being established.


August 15 will be repeated if there are zero consequences.

Hakuna haja ya kupoteza tax payer scarce resources if there are no consequences.

The real election thieves will continue being scot free, while wreaking havoc with blood and mayhem despite facts being established beyond doubt that Ojinga is the real election thief.

Vibaraka warushwe nje.

Na vile senior welder alikuwa anasema “tunaona makamishna wanne pande hii, na Chebuchietha anatangaza matokeo akiwa peke yake”

The four idiots were paid by senior welder to mess the process after realizing he has lost it again.

For their gross misconduct, we need to charge them in court ndio iwe funzo kwao.

Here is the link to the full report.