Much respect for these 2 mps who have stood by Uhuru in Mt Kenya.

Kanini Kega and Sabina Chege. Thick skinned, articulate and popular in their own right, yet they have stood by Gatheca. Every logic dictates they should have shifted to Kenya Kwanza. Being loyal to your rightful leader no matter his/her flaws is a sign of an upcoming leader.
Much respect my guy and babe.

They will be rewarded with CAS posts in the next govt since they can’t clinch any political seat out there

Hii ni pesa my fren.
You shud hear them in private

You mean Arror couldn’t match a shilling for a shilling and top up?

It could also be a sign of selfish devious strategy for political survival.

Yes of course considering that every politician is ambitious, but after “your” leader has left the stage. Moi was a classic case and gained handsomely as a person and politician from the loyalty.

My fren, which government are you talking about? They better sharpen their mouths well. Opposition is waiting for them!

That is what i mean,whichever side they fall someone will need to hold their hand,otherwise they will be forgotten

Ngunjiri Wambugu pia yeye

Kutuny amekaa ngumu , Keter amepenya nomination, ule muhindi wa Kesses amekaa ngumu independent , ule mhindi wa kisumu amekaa ngumu independent , ule mhindi wa meru ako na Uhunye .

jubilee will get minimum 50 MPs in mt Kenya wacha Uhuru aingie campaign

Ata hujasema kitu ya maana

Those are greedy bonobos who have done nothing on the ground

Wahindi takataka warudi India. Wamenyanyasa Wakamba na Baruhya Sana hapa industrial area


Nimalizie hiyo ghasia