Mubabaz should take you to Airbnb sio Gari

Side hens and chicks hii mambo ya kukula mali yawizi kwa Gari is a no go zone. Kwanini munyima watu wa Airbnb biashara? @Agwambo you will be the next to be killed in those hostels you like going to in the name of saving money. Uroda is for people who have money. If you can’t afford kula tuu kwa macho coz you are just a window shopper. Hutoshi bei kuitwa mubabaz au mumamaz.

Actually doing it in the car is usually a taboo.
Patia gari lako heshima.
Ignore at your own perill.

It depends on the degree of whoreness of the kunguru involved. Kuna takataka utasimama kwa bush utombe tu

An old whore advising men and women on how to best whore…enyewe Kenya kuna shidaaaa:cool:

Mambo ya gari should be left to teenagers that have hijacked dads car.

Not necessarily; a car bonnet, the back seat, a sturdy tree trunk, a cave, a field of soft grass, a bushy edge of the beach, the sea at low tide, a quiet maize, tea or coffee farm, a forest, a little grove near a running stream, an abandoned shack, a gulley, a large flat rock, under a bridge–all these places, and numerous others, provide amazing adventure sites where great generations are sometimes forged.:smiley:

The cheaper the lay, the better

Mimi Huwa nashangaa sana na madem,mtu anasema hawezi date vijana ati Hawa pesa,ama anadate mtu juu ya gari.mwishowe anatoka hio relationship akiwa na mtoto na Hana pesa sahizo anatafuta mwanaume mwingine awe punda yake amsaidie kulea.kama unasema unafuata pesa ukitoka hio relationship Toka na pesa si kutoka na ball minus pesa.

Kama hueshimu ndoa ni gari utaheshimu?

Boss hujawacha machungu? Who hurt you bcz you must be very frustrated person in life bcz all this negative energy to follow all my posts and call me names is a sign that you are not fine. Please don’t commit suicide, pour all your frustrations on me. If it will save your life, I’m good. Aki you are too bitter hebu take it easy. But endelea kunitusi. Nitusi kabisa kabisa. Offload all your stress. Yote kabisa. Toa yote. I’m here for it and I will post for 365 days so you will have enough opportunities to call me a hoe. And btw is an old hoe the best you can do? Huna matusi serious? Unajua selling sex in Kenya is a very lucrative enterprise. Murera is now building her mom a house bcz of hoeing online, kwa hio calling someone a hoe in Kenya isn’t even an insult coz girls are making big money being hoes. It’s not everyone who is a cheap hoe like your mother who got 20 Bob to be ferked in the ass by school boys. I want to look back in December and see how much you have insulted me. I know you are hurting and I totally understand. While you are at it give me your dad’s number he loves old hoes like your mother. :D:D:D

toa kinembe cobwebs na mashoko za akina @Lionheart ndio nikupatie namba ya mzae…he is black by the way… takataka ghassiaa mkunduo wa mbuzi nyee eno

@anne kerubo is @Tauren . He was raped at highschool and has totally lost his mind . He thinks he has a vagina .

I’m your mama, @PHARMACY. I had to create an account.

I pray that God helps you and gives you solace . To be raped is such a traumatic event that can take years to heal . God have mercy

Reminds me of the mama who took her young cousin to city market park and they began doing their thing huko kwa gari, makarao wakatokea na kuwashoot