Muache lanyes or perish-Amerix says


Men should avoid sleeping with loose women; especially prostitutes.

This is because you have scanty to no information about their past, or their sex history (she could have slept with hundreds of men; some of whom carry broken souls and generational curses).

These women have about 2-5 children (among other 2-5 children that died due to abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth).

You are out there bonding your body and soul with a person who is extremely broken and hopeless; all because you want to fulfil your lust.

Men; watch out!

The reason your life is in shambles; your family is broken; your career is unstable; your money/wealth is untraceable is that you have a broken soul.

Some of us who are aware of the reality of the spiritual world appear like fools when we mention these things. There is a link between the spirit world and the physical world. Ask yourself why seemingly intelligent people took part in animal sacrifices. There is something in the blood.

You cannot go around sleeping with every Jane and Joan thinking that it is mere physical coitus. You are bonding with her soul and spirit. A signal is sparked in the spiritual dimension.

Sex is a sacrifice.

Sex is communion.

The same applies to semen. There lies your seed. There lies your bloodline. When you disseminate your seed to ‘red thigh’ women; you are playing with fire. You are exposing your future generations to chaos and anarchy.

Change or perish!


The pope has commanded we also delete pornographic materials from all digital devices immediately:D saitan anatempt watu Sana using sex according to the high priest

The pleasures of new pussy na vile hua tempting. Lanye or not . Hehe… sijui tufanyeje

The pope has only condemned keeping pornographic content in our devices to avoid quick temptations. Kudeenyerna bado hajacomment. I recommend we fuck them whores with niceness unless the vicar commands otherwise:D

Acha tuwakule kule basi. Akileta hio kesi tutatatua

Whereas the issue of soul ties is really interesting, we are all likely in it… Your wife or normal gf could have slept with a man with such soul ties before or through her lineage has generational curses herself… So it’s pure nonsense. But do not sleep around due to PNC and other known risks…

it is a warm crack… hi ni upuss. solomon had 80-0 hoes and they call him the smartest man ever

Vile @Starscream @Agwambo @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! @Shuma mre dani… @Mzee Mashavu @mastermwenyewe @Baby Panay @digi @Enhe and other lanye eaters watasema

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)][SIZE=5]I agree totally and completely. [/SIZE]

What I know Ni lanye huendea dawa kwa waganga…my great grandmother was a traditional medicine woman Na wanawake walikuwa wanashinda wamekujia dawa za kuzubaisha their husbands…Niko Na siz yangu aliitwa after her Na pia yeye ako Na vipawa zake

Sex is very powerful, inaweza break families, friendships, inaweza sotesha mjamaa mbaya, inaweza fanya mtu apoteze clients, job na pia inauua.

Hao lanyes walikuwa wanafanya nini hasa wakifika kwa mganga?

Is it a traditional medicine woman or a witchdoctor?

is sex a curse? Tutafakari hii. It has been the downfall of many a man

The opposite. Sai after kufuck around you see pussy as just pussy. Clarity of mind. Watu hawajaexperience ndio hufanya ufala ya kugo to the moon and back for an average woman. Hio seeing sex as something to cherish is why most women have power over you. “I’ll give you pussy after you wash the dishes take me out and apologize” stupidity like that if you’ve had sex a few times you can’t put up with it

and caused so much sorrows and suffering among women.

It is sacred, my opinon though and misusing it leads to downfall of men and suffering among women.

:smiley: Lanyes are not loose women. Wakitoka job they’re very upright. Model citizens.

Hii ni ujinga of the highest order. Total Bullcrap. The only reason I don’t fuck whores or patronize danguros like akina @Yuletapeli is because my lizard brain might get addicted to paying directly for pussi just the same way it could addicted to nicotine, coccaine or alcohol. All of these are dopamine pits which can seriously deter your progress in life. Mambo ya soul-ties ni UJINGA!

umafwi. People like amerix have an agenda.

Ati soul ties. There’s no words to express how stupid that is. Of course sex leads to life – if the woman conceives. But a condom is a barrier to that.

Sex is not something special. It’s just a dickk moving in and out of a smelly hole.

MTU kama @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! Analipia Hadi Malaya school fees like a faggot pay pig

:D:D Amerix ndio amesema sijasema any