Tuma pesa utarudi hapa na hekaya

:D:D:D:D Free sex

Nani alienda atupee hekaya

Free sex na entry ni 2k…ladies free…na wakikosa kutokea wajipate ni wajamaa pekee?

or two 60 year old women and 60 men.

women from the early ages have been con artists and extortionists…“ladies free and definitely guys pay the 20 ndorras for pussy”…alafu ironically they say free sex…Mungu aonekanie wanaume…

Sex has never been free…

Hapa ndo mnatafuta a common topic just to make them cool out haha… Shiidaa!

They must have been busy bugging the location and installing hidden cameras before the party…next stop, PornHub.

I ever wonder why this has a high population of mungiki niggerz.