Mtu Hujua Hajui, Usijipee Kibarua Sio Yako

Leta hekaya

Lakini wanaume tumerogwa. I heard my first hekaya when in class 4. My uncle a class 7 drop out was employed by a muhindi pale Yaya Centre. A grocery dealing with flowers too. Akaanza wizi in a small manner. The muhindi only collected notes from the cash box and left all the coins for easier cash change the following day. Jamaa kaanza na coins. Kukikauka jioni wanatafuta change ya 500 ndo wapate ya siku. Guy was fired. Went back to shags. He had a house. By now ameikula yote na kuuza milango, windows, ceilings hadi mabati. A pity.
Anyway he educated a ka yellow yellow back in 1994. Now a judge. Katika hali ya kupewa slices 1993 akalipa fee ya law school. Now far apart na hata mimba hakuweka.
Be warned.

mtu huweka mimba kwanza :D:D:D


itakusaidiaje akishakuwa lawyer :D:D

a good kid will always remember his father

Someone told me that sometime back…

i swear they do. My cousin made a certain lady pregnant in 1969. as usual the family didnt want him because he came from a poor family . She left for USA in 1972 and shortly the son followed. During those days there were no emails , just letters that would take ages. Huyu cousin later left for UK in mid 80s and akapotelea huko. last year 2017 his 48 yr old son went to look for him .Man ukiwangalia kwa picture , ni photocopy. They are best of friends now . Good kids will look for their fathers no matter what

chief si kwa ubaya but , uli fight WORLD WAR 1 ?


Wewe ata sio 56yrs ,uko 6th floor half way.

Your obsession with my age is a kind of its own… ngombe


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Awuoro!

nirokotwe Kiserian

Today, you are overflowing with wisdom


Ahuraga maì na ndirì !