Mtu akifa ataishi tena ?

A tough puzzle ? Is there any proof of life after death or life revolves around the seeds left behind ?

Umeanza kuuza taifa gas?

Yea, ask the Hindus, more so the vegetarian Guajarati’s. Reincarnations are for real with those folks. Kuna time tukiwa Gatwick na this
bhaee, truly religious and has committed to doing IT stuff all his life, alikua anafunza our small company SAP. So tuko na yeye waiting for our flight, and just by chance, I saw a big cockroach running about with an egg sticking out its ass. Naturally i stumped my foot on it like a mafaka and made a joke about it. Jamaa alianza kuzua its against his beliefs. I thought the issue was over, nafika job next day napata official Email that I should consider other people’s beliefs. I was later told by HR that huyu jamaa believed a cockroach was a reincarnation of someone… I really hope I’m not tied down in life by such primitive beliefs, I’m of the church of Scientology.

Wewe leta stories za weteithie

We are reincarnated into something else . If you are a good person you come back a better person . If you were filthy you may be reincarnated into a dog or swine

In modern science the methods of analysis are principally applied to investigating the nature of material entities. Thus, the ultimate nature of matter is sought through a reductive process and the macroscopic world is reduced to the microscopic world of particles. Yet, when the nature of these particles is further examined, we find that ultimately their very existence as objects is called into question.

-Tibetan book of dead