Mtoto wa.... 'S birth day..! Mtajua hamjui

Bado kuna Chupilee minions wanaamini 26th kuna erections!? Kweli hii inchi iko na manugu wengi! We won’t legitimize a pre-rigged erection. Chupilee can dish out their stolen money, but money can’t buy brains and political acumen. Let me confirm your wost fears! Baba must be in government whether you like it or not! Revisit this thread after 4 weeks, mutajua hamjui!

Maliar mcoondoo parara,peleka ujinga yako pale kenyenya,RWNEBPORK!



Raila will never be in any government.
Whether the election is held on 26th, January or 2022, he can demonstrate till Jesus returns, but no nusu mkate.


He will be given a supervisory role at kisumu county to supervise askaris. Anyang nyong, kazi kwako

But truth be told …Uhuru anatuangusha… Watu huku mashinani wamejtolea but yeye analalia maskio…but anyway we’ll play our part …

We’ll have that conversation a month from now…! Once the real power weilders start to feel a pinch in their pockets, kwamwana na huyu mwizi mwingine plus Odinga will be whiped and kicked into a boardroom na waambiwe wasitoke hapo until they reach a consensus!

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Uhuru is not Kibaki. Coupled with the fact that there is no violence like 2007. Keep dreaming.
Let’s wait for IEBC statement in a few. We will get the clearer picture on Raila’s retirement date.

Ms Penguin uza mkundu polepole, siasa achia wenyewe

hehe ati tupende tusipende budah jipende 3/4 watavote huko hawatavote isorait zitahesabiwa mtaenda kortini alafu mwanze kushangaa mlidhani mlijua revisit this in 3 weeks

Ukiona OneJiggy amelimwo, there is no going back for Uhuru. Its a message to other brojers you are either with me or against me.

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