Mtoto wa Kenya aki memorise governor , majuu wanajua magari.

Habari ndio iyo.

Sisi huku tunafaa kumemorize past papers ili tupite mtihani alafu tuende kuanguka pale campo kama value ya kshs…

After mzazi amekuambia ni law or nothing else.

:D:D Campo kuona giza ilikuwa kitu normal. Huwa naangalia transcript yangu nikiwa first year nacheka, nilikuwa tu pale kujaza daro.


But campo kuna units hata ukue form aje, lec anakupea C kama imeenda sana! Sahio ule dem alikua anashinda club lakini haga ni big ndio amepewa A peke yake! :D:D:D

Why do Kenyans feel the need to put down the little champ?? he is special. It does not matter what he is memorising!! why do you hate on each other so much??
The only thing we should be worrying about is how content creators have rushed to interview him, making fake promises to the family knowing fully well they are just making money from him. Karangu had the audacity to advise the mum to put a stop on the interviews after he ran there with a 2nd hand bike…
Can someone please let that boy grow up as a normal child???NKT…
Exploitation is in top gear with the Mum asking to meet WSR, asking for a county job and asking that her family is supported in their farming biz. I smell a family rift coming their way soon…

Not hating .nature and narture determines what you associate with . The Kenyan kid is exposed to politics while the American on is exposed to technology.

So since Kenya is not so technologically advanced like mayolo why put the little boy down like that…2 different worlds.

Nobody is putting the boy down. Our media is known to highlight mediocracy and this child has done nothing special to warrant media attention. In Kenya if you get in the spotlight before your ready you will crash and burn once you are unable to replicate your “genius”. Hopefully his father monetizes his sons skills to get him the best education possible but I highly doubt that.