So I have been off Kenyatalk for the last 2 weeks in Ndubai for a bit of relaxation.I tell you pesa ni kitu mzuri sana.Picture me in an infinity pool of the top floor of my hotel room with a picturesque view of Mall of Emirates,Kempinski and Sheraton been served Martini by a Philippine waitress at my beck and call.
The Russia women’s rugby team were in our hotel as they practised for the upcoming Dubai 7’s on December 4th and boy are those women blessed with nice and preety faces…ubaya wanapenda tatoos kama Scolfield wa Prison talk.
For the lovers of Rico pub and all other dingy $2 brothels please level up your game.Huku Chinese hire yatches at night and pop champagne and throwing bizzare birthday parties…those who have done the Dhow cruise creek dinner know exactly what I am talking about.

Anyway,I’m back.My presence is your present in the words of Kanye

Leo ni Sunday, lakini hakuna hata mbicha moja ya kuosha rungu?

Hata picha ya Russian with tattoos?

self esteem issues

MGTOW=FREEDOM…Alpha male enjoying life like a boss.

Nikishikwa nikipiga mbisha ni fine ya 400AED

Hehe kisniper Tu vile umetake izo zingine

Tuseme ume chunishwa sukuma na mwarabu?

Wacha wivu. Let people enjoy nice things.

Hehe mimi niko hapa Abu Dhabi yas marina circuit for the grand prix.UAE is amazing.

Nilikuwa Abu Dhabi on Tuesday huko Yas Mall for Ferrari world lakini sikumake grand prix.Iko aje?Naskia wakenya wamejaa huko

Tunangojea musito Hamilton later today with his Mercedes AMG showstopper, btw wakenya enyewe wamejaa huku kama siafu…the grand prix is an experience on its own…electrifying…panga next year ufike at a time like this…

Nitasavia next year.Ni how much?Nipe full details

Depends on how long utakaa plus your choice of accomodation etc…roughly i spend about $2500 for the whole race package including the paddock tickets minus airfare. Book early lakini

Like how the fuck can you see a Russian woman and not fuck her?

Mbona unanicopy hivo. Ata mimi nlikua hapo Yas Marina jana for Q1 and Q2. Sina pesa ya man race

kenya talk, the only place where talkers dream and then turn their dreams into reality through fake hekayas

Huyu ni mumeru fulani najua banaaa. Sio mahali.

I’m not in the business of prooving a point.If you think it’s just a hekaya than you’re entitled to your opinion my brother

Language barrier to start with then secondly nimekuja na persons so I can only safisha macho but nothing else.Plus I’m in the uptown side of Dubs (Al Barsha) where we’re the only blacks in the hotel na nikama watu wanakaa na there own.

Naona kama DjHypnotic,Kagwe Mungai na Joy Kendi wako sponsored kwenda huko na Lyft coz wanaweka Hashtag zao