MTK engineering mode

who has got an idea of the procedure used to get 40 GB mbs (safaricom) using MTK engineering mode (app)?
Help me please get it.

najua mtk global peke yake

Inasaidia kupata mbs pia?

“40gb mbs” and you are a “hacker”

Unatoa ngapi?

Kuja inbox na 1k…its 499GB valid for 1 month[ATTACH=full]202005[/ATTACH]


40tonne Kgs…don’t do drugs…Mmkay.

replace imei numba na ya fone ina offer ya bundles. bt saf walijsnjaruka… ama check out pronet app

unatuuliza na wewe ni hacker

tafuta techno p3 or an mtk base os 4.0.2 with a kernel version bigger than the mac address.

ni procedure unaeza fanya mwenyewe tu

Don’t do drugs children, mmkaaay! :D:D:D
SouthPark Rules!


-Mtk device eg Tecno,Infinix or Neon
-IMEI analyser
-mtk engineering mode


  1. First of all download and install MTK ENGINEERING MODE tool if you don’t have it.
  2. Open the app and select mtk settings.
  3. Click on CDS information
  4. Click the Radio information and you will get
    phone 1 and phone 2.
    Depending on the sim imei you wish to change,
    phone 1 is sim 1 and
    phone 2 is sim 2
  5. To change sim 1 imei number, touch phone 1
    and in the
    popup, touch the AT+
  6. Once you touch the Key board will pop up.
    In the key board you type any single letter
    and cancel only the letter you have type.
    Immediately you can notice the scribes that is
    required for you It looks like AT+EGMR=1,7""
  7. Click the first row and after 7 you can
    notice the simple “” delete the last inverted
    comma and type the imei number
    you generated
  8. Verify the typed imei numbers,
    then close the inverted commas "
  9. Click the SEND AT COMMAND
    10.Once the pop up display indicates AT
    command successfully send.
  10. Reboot your phone and put on your data and leave it for about 15mins, then send the imei numbers you generated to 440 and within a few minutes you should receive a notification text notifying you of the free data!!


You can just put on your data and go to to redeem your free megabytes

Mediatek hoyeee!

The imei trick is cool but remember

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