After an extensive and painful self-reflection, I’ve decided to come clean: I am the “campus petite” who duped @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! into paying her rent.

Yes, I pretended to have reformed. I disposed of my thongs and started wearing granny panties and long matronly dresses. And voila – @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! paid my rent. Just like that. The guy fished out his wallet, peeled several notes, and roared, “there! that’s how I do things!”

It’s certainly the way most men do things. They’re so horny and desperate that they’ll stick their penis into anything. I am 22 years old. I have a sexy butt and a lovely pair of hairy legs. Every evening my boyfriend – you now, the guy I genuinely love, as opposed to those who pay my bills – comes over and smashes me. He sticks his fingers in my butt and does a number of other unspeakable things to me. I allow him to ejaculate inside me. And I don’t charge him anything. When a girl genuinely loves a man, she becomes sexually adventurous. And she gives herself to the man. completely and utterly.

As for my paying clients, I regard them with a little contempt. Pity, even. I don’t allow them to ejaculate inside me. I don’t want @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!!'s fetid sperm anywhere near my vagina. I always insist that they wear condoms. Sometimes two.

I guess this makes me seem like a bitch, but I don’t care. I am young and cute, and I intend to have as much fun as possible. I want to have sex with an assortment of good-looking bad-boys. I might even sire a kid with one of them. And when I notice my looks fading, I’ll dupe another idiot like @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! into marrying me. This time I’ll thoroughly re-invent myself. I’ll remove my piercings, and scrub all incriminating photos from the internet. I’ll join a local church and become a regular choir member. And when I meet a clueless decent guy, I’ll string him along for a while. Definitely I won’t sleep with him on the first date – that is a privilege reserved for the guys I’m truly attracted to. No, when I meet a boring but stable guy, I’ll hold off for quite a while. I’ll wait a month before sleeping with him, so that he doesn’t think I’m easy. I’ll also practice a bunch of other atrocities on him.

Of all my paying clients, @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! was the most pathetic, and the most desperate. When you interact with him, you get the sense that he’s never had a woman screw him for free. Not even his wife – she demanded a wedding first. The guy is quite sweet though – he bought me roses and paid my rent and licked my vagina (never mind that another guy had nutted there minutes earlier). He paid dearly for what other men got for much less.

@Uzo kula block ghasia takataka. Something super awkward about a man pretending to be a woman and imagining being smashed by men! Hii shida ilianza venye uliitwa Zane Kamau.

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He he he, this world my brothers!

Jaluo what’s your obsession with me? You keep attributting every handle to me.

This morning I spoke to your sister, and turns out she’s also concerned. She says you’ve taken to greeting and speaking with imaginary people.

She claims yesterday she saw you bow down to an imaginary figure and say, “Yes Mr Uzo. Okay sir.”

:D:D:D malisaa iyo simpanzee…kanyanga makende kabisa

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Naona signboard ya Hepatitis hapo nyuma :smiley:

Too much free time:)

Not throwing shade on anyone but sadly what is written here as fiction actually plays out in the real world!! Moral of the story is “Be careful who you choose to bring close to you.”
Kwa hayo machache tafakari.

Ongezea i kwa archives nimeiona mahali nika cheka

That can be tackled very easily… :D:D:D:D:D:D

Nimewachia “hairy legs”

Nimalizie keyhee keypeee foreskins foreskinus forencics fortune @Jimit the owner of 1.5 meter foreskin

Patco utawacha kujaza server lini na umeffi

nitawacha ile siku dada yako atanilamba mcoondu

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@MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! anakuanga punching bag wa @Uzo everytime @Uzo wants to exercise his retardedness.

@MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! ni kiongozi tajika , hizi sweeps munamupiganga sijawaitambua. maumbwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Maraya za kulipa rent Hujuana kwa viremba