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Huyu @Okiya simama gavana 2022 Busia County utapata kura, kura zote za wateso na waluhya upto nambale ni zako.

Wakenya hawapendi watu wazuri. Wanapenda thugs and thieves

wacha kudanganya wateso watanyima huyu jamaa…but senator anaeza pewa

Busia lunjes are very divided bado gavana atatoka tu kwa wateso.


the last two county elections in Busia have been a case of negotiated democracy with ODM playing midwife. If the people are left to their own devices the Teso would be nowhere near any county executive or legislative power. Uliona vile Otuoma alifanywa.

Okiya is a brand he doesn’t need ODM to run for any seat. ODM needs him more…or are you trying to tell us that nobody can win in western on a different ticket ?

Otwoma was a Ruto guy…why entertain such fellows…

Its possible to win on a different ticket but ODM is quite dominant in Busia. It is not lost on all of us that during elections party ticket plays a crucial role. ODM/NASA would have lost Teso national support for its presidential candidate had they completely sidelined them in Busia. The MOU in place is that if a Luhya gets the Senate seat, a Teso should be governor and vice versa.

yea hii ujinga ya MOU ndio inafanya tumeishi na Khaniri as senator pale vihiga

Impure you’re very wrong on Busia politics, next Busia gavana atakua injinia Sidai from teso, coz he’s the only candidate from teso, lunjes wako kama kumi kwa kiwanja.

sawa. Na nikiwa Bungoma last week nilikutana na Engineer Keya yule Nemesis wa Waluke. He is quite confident of defeating him for the sirisia seat. Sijui wenyeji wanadai aje

This is the fallacy with Kenyans. They think they can only award a person by voting for them. Okiya is in his right habitats, where he can thrive effectively. The case of Jicho Pevu should not be repeated where he came from his habitat and now he is dancing with the thieves.

In Busia?