Mtazamo wa UOTP.


The problem is not rotich ama kiunjuri ama echesa ama hata ruto… shida ni uhuru…a resign ndio vitu zichange

I disagree with you slightly. Ruto is a big part of the root cause. Uhuru 60% and Ruto is 40%

I am for completing the journey

Waiting for the swinging hand to fall. If you cannot steal it through wakora network you start wishing for it. I am out.

Ruto is not the CiC

shauri yenu

Ouro ndio shida na Ruto aliona mteremko.

They thought akina Ngilu ole lenku and all former CS were the problem so they fired them but bado shida ni ile ile only on a larger scale .

AFRICOG’s five-yearly feeding cycle is about to kick in. The donors must be approached again.

Ati Ndii running Finance? Hahahahahaha!

Hawa maumbwa mbili tunafaa tuwatoe siaka. Waendee kupumulia Hague.

RWNBP. Why dont you get that concept?

Africog forces you guys to steal? I don’t get your thinking at all.

accept and move on