mtakufa kama mbwa

Mnafanya nini kwa lodging na mabibi za wenyewe? According to the Article 259 of China’s Criminal Law, those who sleep together with or marry someone whom they know is the spouse of an active duty police or military officer are to be sentenced to three years or fewer in prison or put under criminal detention.
Huyu mama ndiye dawa yenu. Mmezoea kula na kuingia karura, mtalipia na maisha yenu sasa[ATTACH=full]373111[/ATTACH]

kwanza hao wa karura …tunaomba kangogo amalizie kabla hajashikwa… tunaomba tafadhali kangogo maliza hii squad ya forest na kudisrespect women

Kukula na kuingia burnt forest ni lazima kama ibada

Mkuu umepata bundles wapi?

Nimalisie huyu mtu priss!
[SIZE=1]amepotea sana.[/SIZE]

Huyu ameruka akili. She has become a manhater after kuchezwa na alpha male. Hii wikendi siezi toka kwa nyumba



Tutaheshimiana kijana mdogo

Life is still beautiful, so don’t die over something stupid. But in case you meet with some freak mishap, let me leave you in the blessed hands of some wonderful people in Kigali. They’ll comfort you as you cross the darkness to the other side

she lures a man into a lojing, then kills him. Halafu akishikwa unaskia mafeminazi zikisema alikuwa na PMS or some shit like that.

Kwani Today you are the usher of death?:D:D:D:D

Oh, that started with Chifu. He and others here are thrilled by the thought of going out in a blaze of glory. I wanted to make them remember when it gets real it’s not funny.

Yeah I saw chifù soliciting for dry fry at 2.43 a.m.
He’s already knocking on Death’s door. :smiley:

It’s only the other day I was trying to dissuade him from dying a sudden, undignified, and pointless death. Maybe he has despaired of life since you said you wouldn’t miss him.


Watu wauliwe usherati ukome, copper itembee :smiley:

Ghaseer imeshikwa. Waaah huyo mapepo zimemjaa hata Dr Awuor anaweza toroka


When its a woman

“Ni mapepo”
“Amerukwa akili”
“Ni chizi”

When its a man

“Ua yeye”
“Huyo ni jambazi”
“Funga yeye kamiti”


Ameshikwa and believe me, she will get a softer sentence or no sentence at all.

Love is really complicated…but women have always been vengeful only that they have changed their tactics. If you go Kwa villages and eavesdrop utaskia how women seek witchcraft services and even practice black magic to control their men. So juzi our neighbor alijulikana and the husband gave her a thorough beating anyway he was close to being reduced to a stay home man being fed only so she deserved it. But in those chamas so much happens and the details can drive you crazy when you learn how women plan to use black magic to control their men - over here inaitwa kagwria and once umepewa unakaliwa chapati. Basically you do all the chores kwako even cooking n washing clothes for your wife is busy kujenga nchi. I know a few from the other ridge
And this one going on a rampage is just one of them who’s seeking revenge maybe.