Mtajua Hamjui, serikali lazima itengeneze pesa at the expense of wanjiku.
[SIZE=7]Is Covid-19 biggest scandal in Africa? Health officials caught red-handed trying to bury empty coffin[/SIZE]
By Bosco MaritaOn Sat, 26 Jun, 2021 10:02 | 2 mins read officials trying to bury empty coffin in Uganda. PHOTO: Courtesy.

Video footage of health officials dressed in white personal protective equipment (PPEs) at a burial site in Uganda has gone viral on social media after it was established that they were planning to inter empty casket in the guise of burying a Covid-19 victim.
In video footage accessed by K24 Digital, a group of 7 official who were fully dressed in Covid-19 protective gear are seen standing beside a grave preparing to lower a casket.
A large group of people is seen surrounding the gravesite making an unclear demand that forces health official to halt the alleged burial exercise.
Minutes later, the man is seen surging towards the grave demanding the health officials to open the coffin to see who they are burying.
He is joined by two other men who also demand the coffin to be opened as the surrounding crowd is heard shouting in agreement.
Seconds later the huge crowd moves to the gravesite and a group of men are seen opening the casket as helpless health officials watch.

Iko wapi video?

kino,hii si iliwekwa hapa karibu wiki mbili iliyopita?

Funny and sad at the same time