Mtai Ngonyi amesema nyinyi ni ghasia.



Insulting the masses

Apa ni ukweli munaambiwa

Revolution na jalopy za loan… Gerrarahia

Hajadanganya,it is hard to swallow but ni ukweli kwanza kwa Central Kenya masses

Lakini ya @Bingwa Scrotum aliinunua na pesa yake bila loan

Lakini ya @Bingwa Scrotum aliinunua na pesa yake bila loan

Kenya govt should kaa ngumu like Canadian govt. Kenya is not a banana republic where bonobos can do as they wish.

[SIZE=7]Quebec residents who hid from police in darkened home fined for breaking curfew, gathering rules[/SIZE]

Saturday, February 13, 2021 3:37PM EST

OTTAWA – MRC des Collines police say five people are facing more than $7,500 in fines for breaking Quebec’s nightly curfew and social gathering rules.

In a statement posted to Facebook, the police service said officers had stopped a vehicle in Val-des-Monts, Que. Thursday evening with two people inside. The man and woman were heading to a friend’s cottage, police said. Each was given a ticket and told to return home.

The Outaouais region of Quebec remains under the province’s maximum COVID-19 alert level, which prohibits people from gathering in other people’s homes. The 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew also remains in effect.

Police said the pair did not return home, however, and their vehicle was later found outside another house.

When police arrived, officers saw people inside before the lights were quickly turned off. Despite knocking on the door several times, no one answered. Police said they could hear people talking inside.

Officers obtained a warrant to enter the home, where they found five people, including the couple that was previously pulled over.

Each of those individuals has been fined $1,500. The couple from before who had already been fined were given new tickets.

Anyone who did not live in the home was told to leave.

Huyo labda arushe taxin

Pelekeni umakmende wadau Thika Road, ndume za GSU zitawachiliwa alafu for inclusivity purposes waachilie NYS ndio mtajua D- sio mama yako

[SIZE=7]Covid France: Fines, arrests for party-goers breaking curfew[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Police targeted gatherings in bars, homes, and rented properties in Paris, Toulouse, and east France over the weekend[/SIZE]

8 February 2021

By Joanna York
Police increased vigilance over curfew rule breakers last weekend, issuing fines to people attending secret parties throughout France.
In Ile-de-France, 113 fines were issued to party goers on Saturday, February 6. In Moselle, Grand Est, 25 fines were issued and two people were taken into custody. In Toulouse, a teen was taken in for questioning after police were alerted to a party happening in her home on Saturday night.
It comes as police have been asked to reinforce measures to ensure the evening curfew is being respected during the health crisis.
Damien Vallot, police chief for the 15th arrondissement in Paris, told news source Le Figaro that the interior minister had called for more police checks.
He said: “From 18:00-06:00 we are supposed to be at home. The police are here to ensure that the law is the same for everyone".

Huyu mwizi aliiba over 100 million za NYS for “consultation” ndio anawachocha? Yeye atakuwa safely ensconced kule gated community mkikula teargas na rungu.

Gani specific

Huyu Jamaa ni spanner boy / propaganda warrior wa Uhuru. He is just doing his job.

Zote tatu. Ile Hardbody, Mercedes na Peugeot

Not merc, ford

Yes that one

The ford nilitoka sacco, nikachukua my shares, used big portion on the F150

Peugeot used to be my old man’s

Nissan loan, kcb

Its the new world order.

[SIZE=7]5765 people fined for breaking curfew in the Netherlands[/SIZE]

TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2021 - 10:20

Since the Netherlands implemented a curfew in the fight against the coronavirus on Saturday evening, 5765 people were fined for not abiding by curfew restrictions, the police said on Monday.
In total, the police issued 7,045 fines last week for violating coronavirus restrictions such as traveling in groups, not maintaining social distancing and not wearing a mask. The police also issued 790 warnings for not adhering to coronavirus restrictions.

The curfew has created a large increase in fines. But warnings and fines for other coronavirus restriction violations at about the same level they were at a week prior.