mtaambia watu nini

politics is never personal, btwn now and 2022 we’ll see all manners of coalitions, those who abuse your neighbors prepare for premium disappointed , just another cycle in ke unprincipled politics, no wonder manifestos hardly got implemented ,the demigods know they just have to whip the minions into tribal cocoons and they are home dry.

Deputy President William Ruto has said he cannot rule out reuniting with ODM leader Raila Odinga ahead of the 2022 General Elections.
Ruto, in an interview with Radio Citizen on Thursday, said he is ready and willing to work with all like-minded politicians who share his dream for the country.
“Anybody who wants to join us to fight poverty and other things that ail the country is welcome,” Ruto stated.

looks like two choices us minions have cerelac coalition or ruto na rao. Choose your better poison that will expedite the fall to 4th world country

Kuna watu walikuwa wamepiga kambi hapo kwa Saomei, wacha mbio za sakafuni zianze sasa

On the issue of Democracy, Africans are still in its infancy. Mwafrika hafai hiyo freedom mingi sana.

@spear nilikwambia baba and Sugoi might work together. Baba amechezwa hadharani. But most people oversaw this coming

That will be confirmed when Baba starts mentioning mtu wa bhangi na pombe again.

Raila does not have a solid foot to stand on. BBI has severely diminished his political stock. Raila would be a liability to Ruto. It is in their best interests to both go it alone in 2022. Ceralac will not be able to garner 50 % + 1. Even with all the deepstate support in the world. So the rigging will have to be blatant. And therein will be a golden opportunity for Kenya to rid itself off some parasites. Because I can assure you, 3/4 of the cerelac coalition will not have the backbone to stand by anyone when shit hits the fan.

Huyu ataanza kuita Raila uncle. Hii ni sycophant number 1.

That coalition plus wabembeleza joho and a few henchmen Kama kina duale,khalwale here and there can be will be bad news kwa hao vijana was cerelac na the so called system

:D:D:D:D:D Yes but what you assume is “work together” is not exactly what DP Uncle Ruto has in mind. Look at Kenya politics in wholesomeness to understand his thoughts. Its not about a union, merger, party or ticket. In 2022 politics is reset back to the people who are popularly known as hustlers. We all go back to the people at the grassroots going forward. Form the union there upwards not the other way round. That’s where RAT has to start his courtship with Chief Hustler to work. Maneno ya boardrooms imeisha. Secondly DP Uncle Ruto is cautious but not dismissive. This is because President Uhuru handcheque with RAT was his final nail in central and Mt. Kenya. RAT will never he accepted in that region. DP Uncle Ruto will not risk his stronghold.

Right now UDA has set its grassroots elections for June 2021. At this moment the focus is in party members registration at the grassroots. Secondly Hustlers leaders forums at the grassroots. In June the secretariat leaders (chairman-vice chairman-sec gen-Treasure etc) from wards, constituency and counties will be voted in by hustlers. By end of June we will be the only party with elected party secretariat. We can then convene at Kasarani to elect national party officials to complete the process. At that moment UDA will be a product of grassroots peoples will. The secretariat will then have 6 months to prepare for Party nomination for all tickets from President, Deputy President, governor, Senate, Women rep, MP and MCA. If RAT want to “work together” he has to join that contested process where the people votes decide the outcome. Not this usual short term expediency opaque arrangements for visibility, false hopes and selfish personal gains. Our politics has to be wholesome, from the grassroots upwards carrying the peoples will.

You have to go back to pre independence to understand this decision. There was KAU then, Kanu/kadu and lastly they all merged as kanu. The same games of alliance and betrayals started then upto date. From gichuru, jomo, moi, odinga. Then nyayo presidency and return of multi-parties. FORD party big impact before mistrust and betrayals. 2000 kanu/ndp merger where jogoo swallowed tinga, moi named regional kanu vice chairmen from every region. RAT in nyanza, Uhuru in Central, gideon in RV after surprise drop of saitoti, watermelon for eastern, madvd for western, late Haji for NEP and ngala for coast. It was all a failure and President Uhuru hasn’t leant from this because he is putting up the same lineup. Secondly look at NARC formation after alot of last minute mou’s that got thrown out immediately. Thirdly look at odm formation with pentagon after 2005 to 2007 and end of pentagon in 2008. Look at cord merger of opposition parties that was only good on paper. Then we had Jubilee Alliance that had a coalition agreement of TNA and URP lodged at political register office and carried out fully in the 1st term. nasa formation and the infighting since of where its still exists or not because the parties are either in, out or ignoring the agreement. Then Jubilee party after merger of 10 parties to end Jubilee Alliance coalition. That didn’t go well or the distance.

So all this intrigues, history, past and present can’t be ignored and must be learned from. If not the same mistakes will keep on repeating itself. DP Uncle Ruto can “work together” to help hustlers businesses, amplify the people voice and call out the ill ongoing right now. However for a political union both have to go back to the basic. The people in the grassroots individually on their own and build upwards to see where people will is.

If Ruto works with baba he is screwed. Kikuyus would never vote for Raila.

Mharo tu. Half baked fantasies. In Kenya theres never been a “hustler” voting block. You can create one but don’t pretend like it’s a existing thing.

Kikuyus are overrated!