Mt. Kenya Needs To Get Together & Present A Candidate In 2027. Mlichezwa

Cracks are widening everyday.

Gachagua is trying to make amends with former for Uhuru Kenyatta. Gachagua insists government is for shareholders but Ruto is trying to be a FAKE nationalist and declaring that government is for all Kenyans.

Looks like divorce is loading fast because just like Uhurto, RuGacha was also a marriage of convinience


It’s 2100 and Africans still haven’t figured out how to govern.


Ruto is rewarding only his friends, who are the major shareholders, but when Gachagua points that out to Kenyans, you get angry with Gachagua.


Let the games begin

I pray for Gachagua’s downfall everyday. Kenyan politicians generally have shit for brains, but this one is in a class of his own. Every time he opens his mouth you fervently pray it is just to yawn or air his teeth, only to be disappointed with the garbage he talks.


Riggy G anataka kurevenge ile siku alitolewa Kwa hao na boxer under the directives of Uhunye