Mt. Kenya kwani tutaanza kulipa ushuru mara mbili tena ?


these are mere opportunists , they dont even know what they want

no ideology , no master plan , no left nor right.

Huyu mjamaa asitishebwatu bana. We know his sponsor

Ngik’s ni kama inarudu pole pole.


why don’t you go after the sponsor?

He’s situated himself based on a game he’s playing. But every game has rules and sooner or later someone makes a mistake

The issue is complex, Government structures are failing, which means more crimes and other social evils will be on the raise, including vigilant groups.

sasa hatuelewi ni kikuyu translate

Signs of a failing state; started during Uhuru reign, all routes in NBO have these thugs.not just Thika Road. Tentacles have spread to Nax; the relief for now is that they are extorting matatus only. The breakdown in rule of law by this gangs mungiki & “confirmed” et al needs to be addressed.

The economy needs to breath again to control other vices from sprouting.

Hiyo simu ya infinate imeshikwo na huyo jamaa inauswo pesa ngapi naitaka.

Your political leaders have already seen things that may happen in the future. That loudmouth CS may be responsible. Very soon mnaeza anza kusifu this militia tena blindly as is always the case.

How long will kikekuyus destroy what’s left of this “country”?

We are racing to the bottom.

You have described almost all Kenyan leaders:D

mpaka ile siku utakatwa kinembe