Mt. Kenya fires?

Today there was a fire in Naro Moru, the other day it was in Tharaka Nithi and last week there was a fire in Kangaita area near Sagana. People are also complaining about a redder sun.

My side of the mountain forest is on fire despite some rains. Its getting scary.

The brush land is dry. And torches very fast.

Coupled with illegal activities and we have a blazing wildfire. Let’s await the rains.

RIP watertowers.

These fires are political

Today the sunset over the Aberdares was bloody orange

Kweli, radio wametangaza ata Aberdares kuna @Motokubwa


Ni ule jamaa wa mashamba

My thinking is, if.water harvesting happens in these areas, and forests are burnt down affecting ecosystems and water production, and that water in Kenya has become privatised, and a political tool…basi bado hatujaona chochote.

The end is nigh!


Crop dusters at work…