Msumeno cuts both ways

nasikia gashuwe kako mbele zaidi huku grounds.


Katiba Says:if any of running mates die before elections,the same will be postponed till October.
Question is who benefits if that happens.
And who is not prepared for elections?
The conclusion is the attack on DP crib was to send a message to the other running mates.
Rao is playing reverse psychology by having moles in the army to portray them in a bad way by making us believe uhuru wants to have KDF impose him as the next president while in reality it’s him who wants to use them.

Hehehe utajua haujui… western has for a long time had a very low turn out, Note that in Kawangware and Kangemi, all the people registered in the village have been given busfare to go home and vote… Then you ask why Nasa does not have a flamboyant campaign…

Uhuru akitoka Helm next week kuna watu watangusha machozi sana

:D:DHalafu ‘Adopt a Bus Station’ upuss ni ya nini? So when are you planning to get that head out of the sand?

hahaha siku ya nyani kufa ikifika, miti yote huteleza…

I pray that things go the other way round so that we talk on the 9, August 2017.


Let’s preach for a peaceful elections, as Langat has said everything is at stand still.

The Presidential ballot papers have arrived at JKIA with its entourage of party agents, observers. The security officials who supervised its printing, loading and transportation.

Ngoja utaskia conspiracy hapa. That Saudi govt and Saudia are in cohoots with the govt to hide nyanza ballots or that KWS and Tsavo lions have blocked votes meant for Joho. Very laughable until you realize their supporters actually believe the claims 110%

Kuna ile green glass house that 2 million ballot papers are kept in Sugoi.:D:D:D:D

Men vitu zingine unasoma ata unaanza kucheka tu. Hii hata si bangi anymore.

Wengi walichukua kura ocha after 2007 experience…

@spear the presidential ballot paper where transported by an Etigad cargo plane from Sharjah. Hii ya Saudi tena ni gani, unless unatu @Gio na hio mbica?

Its not just Etihad but also Saudi ama unataka anza conspiracy that kuna exclusivity. Its 7 days to Elections, time for distribution countrywide to every IEBC constituency office has arrived.

Kwisha maneno! Hio conspiracy tutaskia kesho

Sawa buda. Sato na land officially ku support team UOTP ama namna gani my fren


Karibu buda, Tuko Pamoja. Lakini hatupendi kuona wanaume wakilia unless ni machozi ya kushinda kama DP Uncle Ruto.

Poa mujamaa