Msumeno cuts both ways

Raila, with his ‘Operation Last Bullet’ has managed to arouse tension in this country like no one else can, with relative ease. The daily accusations and counteraccusations arent helping either. The tension is almost tangible. This is how he wanted it. Escalate it to abnormal levels. What he didnt know is that what he wanted cuts both ways like a saw. Sahii zile Umoinner zinaenda western and Nyanza ni kama mia per day. Nya Ugenya carrier inabeba abnormal loads. Kuku sofa set stool…kila kitu. Masaku airport ni kukanyagana tu. Mind you this wasnt witnessed when it was voter registration time. Kura zimebebwa na Umoinner. No wonder his current tactic of ‘Adopt a Matatu stage’. Iko watu watalilia kwa choo, esp the incumbent Governor

It is my hope that after 9th, the country will go back to normal. We’ve been in an election mode since 2013.

“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will Come” – Shakespear

ama wamuachie tu. it will make people realise hii kiti benefits only select few

stil stand onRWNEEBP

His core constituents believe everything he says without question, when he goes on TV and proclaims that the military intends to confine them to Kibera and Mathare with no water or electricity which also means no food they are bound to get alarmed.
What do you do in such a situation?
The ones who feel most vulnerable will naturally flee.

Funny he says he will emulate Tanzania’s Magufuli. Yet Magufuli is incarcerating those who speak like him.

So ironic, but not surprising.

people are realists. food comes from the neighbourhood of the city. cut supplies for two days and the city starves. i was holed up in buru buru in the aftermath of August 1, 1982 and i know what i am talking about. bread and milk are normally the first to disappear.

And the good thing this time, mkiriot mnachoma vitu vya county yenu and make investors reconsider their dealings with you.

Isn’t this akin to shooting oneself in the foot?

Haven’t we always said he suffers from a serious case of foot in mouth disease?


This time he shot it before attempting to stem the blood flow with his mouth…

Unakumbuka ukinyonya kidole when you nicked yaself with a razor?


Everybody is scared and prepared this time and that is a good thing watu wakienda ocha little violence will be witnessed in the city and major towns

Wueh! Si hii thread imejaa wana RWNBP na chocha zao za kawaida.
Btw whats the latest on the Sugoi ‘Lone Panga Man’. Someone has successfully diverted our attention this time round after the infamous machette fiasco failed to live up to expectation

This elections is being fought by the opposition with all their effort. Anything to either postpone or cancel it. 7 days and counting. Common sense and reality is giving way to conspiracy theories among the opposition. Reality will sink in when the results are announced. Let’s continue to maintain peace, continue campaigning vigorously and be your brothers keeper. In this case all Kenyans are brothers.

Luke 2:3 And everyone went back to their own home town to …

some will deliver in a manger…there will be no room at the inn…