Msito Xi amefanya..China is now the world's largest car exporter


Long live Xi Jingping second in command in multipolar world.

Btw Apart from the trucks,why don’t we import saloon cars from China?

After sale services lacking.

Toyota resale value gang! Canibalisation of old cars for spares pale Grogon.

Toyota haiendi mahali any time soon

Chinese brands, Chery and Haval, are taking the South African market by storm. Their latest entrant Omoda ni moto sana

Niliona waka na ev dudu gari safsana for 4000 USD. Byd wafinye hao uncle Sam puppet.

Lol do you really think the West and Japan are at the level of making cars today? That’s low level manufacturing that even Africans can do today. So hakuna news hapo. Please go and check the semiconductor value chain to understand where high impact manufacturing is done.

It’s not happening so fast, it was predicted by the trio, Clarkson, James and Richard Hammond over a decade ago