Msito Putin unveils the greatest ICBM

Chairman Vladimir Putin, has successfully tested an inter continental ballistic missile that can carry 12 nuclear bombs at a go :smiley:

Comrade Putin does the test one week after the senile Joe Biden approved weapons to Ukraine worth 1 billion dollars.

Hapa itabidi demoncrats wakunje mkia . Meanwhile in Mariupol Putin has talked to the UN to evacuate the civilians in the steel factory and tell the NAZIS to surrender or die. The Azov Nazis are using civilians tags as human shields ndio walie war crimes . The UN will not have any excuses.

The Nazis in a televised video message were crying for reinforcement saying they don’t even have food, Zelensky replied to them
’ don’t surrender, come what may’ :smiley:

the sober commanders have said by tomorrow they will surrender if they are not reinforced they won’t die for a clown who has never fought a war other than crossdressing like a homosexual shittt

Zelensky is crying

[SIZE=4]Satan 2: Russia test fires ballistic missile that could wipe out entire countries [/SIZE]

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Good news

Even moskova was great, it’s now a submarine

Expect the US to “secretly” test some bullshit lie next week.

There’s a joke in military circles that goes “there are more F-35s in the bottom of the sea than there are submarines in the sky”

:D:D:D :D:D:D

hapo Zelensky atarushwa Siberia apande mahindi

Never celebrate…such kind of wars will affect us more than those involved. We are already crying fuel fuel …and yet some guys are still singing war songs. Third world countries depend on developed countries and in such a situation, you can guess the outcome. Pastor @uwesmake should instead be praying for peace na sio kuchochea.

Probox owners always go around flexing their new cars hooting and causing havoc. True high end car onwners derive pleasure in tranquilty

Western sanctions kama hazingekua fuel ingekua back to normal.

Long live putin death to America homosexual. @hakimoto @Troy yungin Donbasss huko Ukronazi are dying like flies.[ATTACH=full]434113[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]434114[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]434115[/ATTACH]

Buda hiyo last photo ni bendera ya wapi.

British solja

Wah death to the colonialists