Msito MGTOW Marques Houston ameamua kusettle and women are not happy. Lulz


He likes them young

ulitaka aoe mumama wa 60 years?

All kwa ‘marry’ amejicheza

A true king, sio kwenda kuokota mzoga umechoka.

Mjamaa ni nini ina endelea pale Arsenal. Kila wakati ni kilio. Ask on the behalf of elders. Shida iko wapi.
Official club name: Arsenal Football ClubAddress: Highbury House, 75 Drayton Park N5 1BU London (Residents: 8.908.081) EnglandTel: +44 20 77044Fax: +44 20 77044Website:

the nigga knows whats up

Hehehe if u gotta be stupid enough to marry atleast tafuta kitu mbichi kama hii. Huku inje naona mafala wakioa vitu ata makanga wamepitia

At 19, huyo lazima she experiments on the outside. Tests what her friends are doing. Chances of her dogging you are 99.3%.
It’s like tying a bundle of thorn branches into a paper bag.

Why are grown men talking about who Marcus Houston married?

Anaitwa Dickey jo

They are angry because feminazis wamekuwa wakiwadanganya men who are rich and in the same age bracket as them will marry them when they are almost 40.

Heri uchezwe na younging’ kuliko uchezwe na shosho. Marriage is still a SCAM either way.


Zii buda. Dame ndiye amejicheza. She married a musician whose past his prime, who’s probably fucked so many women he must be tired and who’s one year short of hitting the men’s sexual and intellectual wall.
Marques got a very good deal here.

In case of a divorce guess who gets free money? My point is he should not have involved the courts

Guys on point.
Marques planting his seed in fertile or fairly fertile ground.
Akishapata 3 4 kids if woman wants to bounce then doors wide open.
All hail King Marques.
Ive got slightly older buddies who married their agemates…you will never see guys flaunting their wives around.
After 5 kids woman amejiachilia she looks 15 years older than her actual age…and sijui ni nini vile the women have lost their allure…wamekuwa so toxic with negative energy.
The only time we go to these guys homes ni sahile kuna ka function…bila hio wacha ikae.
By the way the guys are now chasing tu campusers huku nje mbaya. Guy akipata kazi ya kumtoa home for a week he poteas for 3 instead.
Noma sana.

both are adults stop hatin…

Being adults is no justification for poor decision making.

But why have the union on contract ?